Assessing the Efficiency and Profitability of Your Business

No matter what type of business your company specializes in, it is essential to consider the bottom line as you carry out day to day operations. If projects are not profitable, you will not see sufficient income to keep the lights on and continue paying your employees. Therefore, it is worth checking in with an accountant to assess the efficiency and profitability of your business to be sure that you’re on the right track. Especially in the beginning of the year, it can be important to evaluate your business, so take the following into consideration as you take a hard look at your business’s earnings.

Job Costing

Job costing is an essential tool for construction, manufacturing, and many other industries, because it takes into account all costs associated with a job, such as materials, labor, overhead, and other indirect costs. These figures are compared against the profit potential of a given job to see if the project will be valuable or if it will end up costing more than it’s worth.


Along with job costing, it is essential to follow a budget for all daily operations. This means not only considering how much you pay employees and how much work they do, but it also means looking at expenses like business lunches, office accessories, and other costs that may not immediately come to mind.

Reporting and Management

You may end up spending significant resources on simply evaluating the profit margins of your business if you aren’t using the right tools. Working with an accounting company that can provide QuickBooks software and training can save you time and offer easily accessible reports that will give you insight into your business.


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