Tucson Payroll Service

Kalil & Associates currently processes payroll for more than 30 businesses in Southern Arizona. We also assist owners in determining how to compensate themselves for tax-planning purposes. Whether a business has a single employee or dozens, our services can scale to suit the needs of a business regardless of how employees are compensated, including additions and deductions for benefits, reimbursements and other aspects unique to some businesses. We also ensure that all required employee paperwork is current, and we can advise employees with questions about withholding. QuickBooks is our preferred solution for payroll processing.

Our Small Business Payroll Services

  • Calculation of Timesheets
  • Calculaltion of Commissions
  • Setup and Processing of Direct Deposit
  • Setup and Processing of Retirement Plan Deferrals
  • Payroll Tax Calculations and Payments
  • Quarterly Payroll Tax Return Reporting
  • Correcting Journal Entries
  • Workers’ Compensation Reporting & Audit

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