The Best Bank and Reconciliation Service for Your Nonprofit Organization

You’re running a nonprofit. Since your bottom line is providing services to the target community, managing the budget onsite is an unnecessary and often complicated burden. What’s more, many nonprofits have a provision in their bylaws requiring them to use outside accountants to reconcile their bank and credit card accounts. Whether for smooth operation of your nonprofit or to satisfy its regulations, an accounting firm like Kalil & Associates can take care of your financial requirements. You and your staff are free to focus on the mission of your organization.

QuickBooks is a wonderful bookkeeping tool. It enables you to be certain that all of your expenditures are accurately recorded as you and your staff print checks using the program. However, the more prevalent utilization of credit and debit cards and electronic fund transfers increases the possibility that some transactions may be overlooked. Our firm’s accounting professionals will, at the end of every month, inspect all bank and credit card records to make sure there are no discrepancies and uncover any charges you did not authorize.

Since your organization receives funds from donations, grants, corporate gifts, government and private fees for your goods and services, memberships dues, and other sources, it is even more imperative that every penny is accounted for. By reconciling all financial records and ensuring their accuracy, Kalil & Associates will protect your bottom line.

But our services don’t stop there. We can assist you with many facets of your operation: setting up or improving your bookkeeping system, managing the payroll, creating and maintaining a budget, providing employee income tax help and advice, and more.

With Kalil & Associates‘ qualified accounting professionals on your side, your not-for-profit organization can concentrate on the goals with which it was founded. You can rest assured that your every aspect of your financial operations are in the hands of the best. Contact us today and discover how we can be of service.