What Makes a Good Business Accountant?

Accounting is a more dynamic field than many imagine, and businesses accountants do much more than simply perform mathematical calculations. While the field is diverse, there are a few traits good accountants share. Here are a few of the attributes that help shape a good business accountant.

Broad Knowledge

Being an accountant demands a broad base of knowledge, and great accounts know the basics of fiscal decision-making and relevant tax laws. This knowledge base may take some time to develop, but good accountants know when they need help and learn where to look to find information as quickly as possible.

Honesty and Integrity

Accountants have a tremendous amount of responsibility, so honesty and integrity are highly valued. Good accountants know that mistakes happen, and they will quickly admit to any mistakes they make. Good accountants know that their reputations matter, and they will go to great lengths to ensure that it remains intact.


Effective accounting demands effective communication, and great accountants will constantly work to provide feedback to their clients and fellow employees. Those who are able to communicate well will encounter fewer problems, and they will be able to work more efficiently since they won’t have to redo work done incorrectly. Great communication also helps others they work with plan better.


Various biases can make it difficult to make sound decisions, and good accountants are aware of this fact. They will work to eliminate any biases that might lead to poor decisions, and they will outline areas where others may be struggling due to non-objecting reasoning. Accounting entails making more decisions than many imagine, and great accounts know how to make decisions based on objective information.

Great accountants can help companies succeed, and Kalil and Associates knows how to pick the best. Too often, people believe that accountants do little more than perform some calculations, but it is their soft skills and ability to bring valuable information to their clients that sets them apart. Contact them to get your company on the right track with their Tucson business tax preparation services.