Which Documents Do You Need to Provide to Your Bookkeeper?

When you outsource your bookkeeping to an accounting firm in Tucson, you can save yourself a lot of time and stress by organizing your business’s tax information and financial statements and ensuring that everything is filed correctly and on time. If, however, you don’t provide the right documentation to your bookkeeping professional, he or she will not be able to keep your books in order and up to date. Working with a firm that utilizes the easy-to-use technology of QuickBooks can ensure that you know what information to record, but here is a quick reference guide to some vital information to give to your bookkeeper to help you get started.

All Receipts
You may not need to hold on to receipts for purchases made from your personal bank accounts, but any business expense should be tracked and documented with a receipt. This is particularly important in the modern era, because more businesses are using digital funds and credit cards to pay for things rather than paper checks. That means that the paper trail of a physical or digital receipt is all the more important for writing off business expenses and tracking how much money your business is spending.

Bank Statements
Whether you use an accounting firm or an in-house bookkeeper, this professional will need consistent access to your company’s bank statements. You can provide read-only documents and access to online accounts, but you will need to have full transparency with where your money is coming from and where it’s going.

Reimbursement Expense Receipts
If you have employees make purchases for which they are reimbursed, such as office supplies or transportation fees, you should provide copies of expense reports for those purchases and the reimbursement.

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