Why is Arizona a Great Place to Start a Business?

If you have some flexibility on where to start your new business, Arizona is a great choice. Although they are many reasons to start your business here, here are a few of the best:

Stable Client Base

Arizona has a large population of stable families. This often means that homes have two incomes and are doing well, financially. This is a great client base for you to market your products to, and they have the extra cash to buy your products and services.

Lower Taxes

Compared to many other states, Arizona has lower taxes. The tax percentage can be a huge burden for many start up companies and small businesses, especially in states like California or New York. Choose Arizona in order to keep a greater percentage of your earnings.

Proximity to Larger Markets

While Arizona may seem to be placed further out than you’d like, its proximity to larger markets is a big help. Other businesses and individuals in California may draw on your products and services if you offer competitive rates and good shipping options. This is beneficial to them if they would like to avoid state sales tax while still receiving their items quickly. Being close to these larger markets allows you to draw business from them while not spending an arm and a leg on shipping costs.

Lower Rental Costs

Another benefit is that although you will be close to California and be able to draw business from several of the large cities there, you will not be hit with the exorbitant rental costs that it takes to actually be located in one of these larger cities. The rent in Arizona is relatively cheap compared to the benefits of locating your business there.

Getting Help Starting Your Business

When starting your own business in Arizona, there are so many things to think about. It often helps to have an outside perspective from a person with experience in helping new businesses just like yours. Kalil and Associates‘ business-focused services can help you in all steps of starting your business, including in the steps of planning, networking, resource acquisition, and business tax preparation. These crucial points can make or break your new business, so count on someone with proven success to help you over the hurdles.